Do You Need an Implant Dentist in Shorewood WI?

When you are missing your natural teeth it can be difficult to deal with in many ways. This issue not only causes you to feel self-conscious about your appearance, but it also causes you to have difficulty eating. When teeth are missing in your mouth, it can cause pressure on some of your teeth, which can lead to uneven wear. If you are dealing with the issues surrounding missing teeth, you can seek treatment through an Implant Dentist in Shorewood WI.

Dental implants can allow you to replace your missing natural teeth with artificial teeth. These teeth look and perform like natural teeth and can completely restore your smile. The first step in getting implants involves you going through a surgical procedure. This procedure involves the implantation of metal anchors into your jawbone. Metal anchors are made of titanium because this is the only material that can properly bond with bone tissue. During this surgery, the dentist will place the metal anchors down into the bone. The anchors screw down into the bone and you are then sutured close and sent home to heal.

The healing and bonding process typically takes around three to six months. This will depend on your health and your age. During the healing process, your implant dentist at Frank R. Galka D.D.S will monitor your healing and make sure the bonding process is complete before the artificial teeth are put in place. Today’s artificial teeth look more natural than ever before. Dentists work to place these teeth at the perfect depth and angle to ensure they look as natural as possible. Once your teeth are in place, they will provide you with full function and allow your smile to look its very best.

If you are tired of dealing with large gaps in your smile, contact the office of contact the office of Frank R. Galka D.D.S. They can provide you with the professional dental services you are in need of to ensure your oral health stays at its best. Call today for more information so you can schedule your appointment. Through a consultation appointment, you can learn whether or not implants will work for you.

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