Termite Invasions Require Prompt Services Through Pest Exterminator in Tacoma

When termites enter a home, they naturally begin to destroy it. They are wood consumers that eat through wood and cause it to become weakened through the tunnels created. Unfortunately, an average termite colony can end up consuming around twelve pounds of wood a year. As soon as a homeowner becomes aware of a termite problem they need to call a Pest Exterminator in Tacoma.

Many homeowners are not aware they have a termite problem until they find wood areas in their home have become weakened. This is why it behooves homeowners to schedule a termite inspection once a year to make sure these unwanted pests have not entered the home.

Fortunately, there are some warning signs a homeowner can search for to determine whether or not termites have invaded their home:

* Weakened wood furniture, flooring, and trim in a home could mean termites are present.

* Bowed ceilings or flooring can be caused by termites.

* Homeowners may see termites around the base of their home, hiding in moist mulch or leaves.

* Mud tube nests are made by some types of termites and these can be seen on the sides of a home, near the foundation.

* Piles of shed termite wings resemble piles of fish scales.

If a homeowner notices any of these signs of termites, they need to call for a Pest Exterminator in Tacoma. A termite exterminator will come out and determine the best course of action to take so the colony can be fully eliminated. This ensures the home will not continue to be damaged.

Bait stations are used when the termite problem is a mild one. If the exterminator finds a massive infestation of termites, tenting may be needed. No matter which treatment option the exterminator chooses, homeowners can rest assured their home will be free of termites and protected from infestations occurring again.

Homeowners who have noticed any signs of problems with termites need to call for an exterminator right away so the colony can be destroyed. Failure to heed the warning signs could result in expensive damage to a home. With the right treatment, a home can be free of termites so it is no longer being destroyed on a daily basis.

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