Termite control – how to prevent termite damage

Before you can fully understand termite control and how to prevent termite damage you need to know a little about these creatures. The first thing to understand is they are sneaky and they are great at playing hide and seek. They nest in moist organic material, that is great when they are living in dead trees in the forest but not good at all when they decide to take up residence in your home.

There are different types of termites, many live in the soil, others fly. Although you can see the flying variety they nest in places which are well out of sight, you may never notice that you have a nest in your home until you call a termite inspector or you begin a room renovation and you find them behind the walls.

Termites leave the nest, they forage for food in dark damp places; their favourite foods are wood, cardboard and paper. They eat their fill and then return to the nest and like a mother bird, they share the contents of their gut with others. Although it may not be an appealing way to get food it is a very effective way of delivering poison to the nest and killing off the colony. This process of feeding, returning to nest, sharing the partially digested food goes on nonstop.

Although they hide themselves well they do leave evidence of their presence, termite control specialists know exactly what to look for and where to look for it. Wood which feels somewhat a sponge and narrow tubes of mud are dead giveaways to the trained eye. When a tube of mud is broken open, if you have a termite problem you will see them immediately. Those that fly shed their wings and then they burrow out of sight.

Now that you know a little about these pests; how to control them, how to prevent termite damage?

The first thing that a homeowner can do is to eliminate their food and water sources. Keep mulch that you are using in the flower beds away from the foundation, cut back foliage, keeping it well away from the house. If you water your lawn, make sure the sprinklers are aimed away from the house and use downspout extensions to deliver rain water well into the yard.
If you’re doing work around the house only use pre-treated timber, make sure vents are not clogged to ensure effective air movement and fix any cracks in the foundation. Although there are things that the homeowner can do, noting beats bringing in a professional that has the right poisons and the right tools.

Termite control in Peachtree City GA is the only way to prevent termite damage. There are things that can be done as a matter of course by the homeowner but the best form of termite control is bringing in experts.

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