How To Choose API 6A Valve Manufacturers

The American Petroleum Industry (API) has set standards and specifications for the various valves and system components used in different aspects of oil and gas production. The API Spec 6A is used internationally to provide all measures and requirements for values that are used in wellhead and Christmas tree equipment used in the natural gas and petroleum industry.

The same standards occur in other standards and regulations, including the ISO 10423 specifically for drilling equipment. These standards are consistent across all areas of the world. Buying an API 6A valve from a recognized manufacturer provides buyers with a clear understanding of the performance expected and quality control used in the manufacturing process.

Different Types of Valves

The best API 6A valve manufacturers offer a range of different valves to meet the standards and specifications. This can include manually operated valves, pneumatic actuated valves, and options such as the swing check valve that operates based on pressure differences in the upstream and downstream sides of the valve.

Most API 6A valve manufacturers offer these valves in a wide range of standard sizes used in the oil and gas industry. This includes pressure class and temperature rating information for the use of the valve.

Other features to consider from API 6A valve manufacturers include the maintenance of the valve and if any features are available for the valve. For example, many pipeline applications use an anti-slamming device in check valves to prevent rapid closure of the valve and eliminate the concern of pressure spikes in the system.

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