Symptoms of Cataracts and When to See a Cataracts Specialist

Cataracts can be very concerning. Left unchecked, they can lead to limited vision over time. However, for most people, this is a condition that is treatable. In order for that to happen, you will need to visit your eye doctor on a regular basis – and that means as soon as you notice any symptoms or changes in your vision. A cataracts specialist can provide you with significant help in both diagnosing and treating this condition.

What Are Common Symptoms to Watch for in Cataracts?

The symptoms of cataracts can vary from one person to the next. Cataracts cause a clouding over the eyes. This is often due to the buildup of proteins on the natural lens of the eye. Over time, this makes it harder for you to see. Some of the most common symptoms of this, aside from hazy vision include painless blurring of your vision and sensitivity to light or glares. You may also have poor night vision, double vision that occurs in just one eye, or a yellowing or fading of the colors you see. You may also need to change your glasses or contact lens prescription frequently because they no longer work as effective for you.

Over time, this condition will worsen. As it does, you may find it is harder to see. The good news is that most people can get help from a cataracts specialist. A professional can help you determine the right options for your needs.

Contact a cataracts specialist as soon as you notice any changes in your vision. Even if you have had this condition previously, you may need to have frequent follow-ups and treatments for it over time. With help, you can protect your vision in the long term and improve your overall quality of help.

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