Contemporary Gas Fireplace – Features of the Direct Vent Version

Fireplaces can bring back pleasant memories of loved ones nestling close to the fire on cold, winter nights. If you’re familiar with the fireplaces of several decades ago, you probably remember the smell of burning wood in the crackling of the fire. However, today’s fireplaces are much cleaner and more efficient than those of the past. With the contemporary gas fireplace – and specifically the direct vent variety – you have a very efficient source of heating for your living area without the need to clean up soot and ash when the fire has gone out.

These fireplaces operate with a factory made metal box that is framed into the wall of the room. When homes are constructed today, sometimes these units are built directly into the wall framing. However, you can also have a direct vent fireplace installed into your existing home without the need for difficult modifications.


Contemporary gas fireplace units vent the air from the inside wall of your room to the outside. It doesn’t matter if you currently have an old style wood-burning fireplace and chimney. You can still have one of these units installed. The operation of these units involves a combustion sealed system in which the air from the outside is brought into the firebox. The system distributes heated air very efficiently throughout the living while keeping the indoor air quality free from harmful gas contamination.

Easy Installation

Regarding the installation of a contemporary gas fireplace, various options are available. These units can utilize rigid or flexible pipes that are routed through the wall to the outside. The flexible pipes you can direct the venting around obstacles that are inconveniently placed. When possible, venting can be placed at a 45 degree angle from the rear of the unit at the top right position in order to create the most efficient route to the outside air.

Number of different rooms in the home can have a direct vent gas fireplace installed. These include the living room, basement, bedroom, and any other living space in which you desire to fill with cozy, warm heat from one of these units.

In addition to all of the great functional capability of these fireplaces, they also common in various colors and styles – so be sure to consider your indoor decor when purchasing one of these modern gas fireplace units.

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