Surprising reasons you may be losing your hair

Having luxurious, thick, healthy hair is a goal that most people strive for; hair is a huge part of a person’s identity and while everyone has ‘bad hair days’ hair loss can be both disconcerting and traumatic. When most people think of hair loss, they think of men; but women can also suffer from hair loss at different stages of their lives. Luckily, hair transplant Chicago clinics can help. Here are some surprising reasons you may be experiencing hair loss:

* Medication: Certain types of medications (thyroid medication, for example) can cause hair loss while you’re taking it. Talk to your doctor or pharmacist for a list of all side effects.
* Stress: This is a big part of people’s lives today, but too much stress can cause hair loss for both men and women.
* Anemia: This condition means your body is iron-deficient and one of the symptoms, aside from fatigue and shortness of breath, is hair loss.
* Hormones: Hormones that are off-balance can wreak havoc on your entire body, and can cause hair loss. Women who’ve just given birth can experience this for a few months after childbirth; men can experience it at any time.
* Genetics: If you’re experiencing hair loss, you can thank your mom or dad (or both!) Some experts believe that hair loss is more likely if you have relatives on your mother’s side of the family who have experienced it as well.
* Malnutrition: If you’ve been trying to lose weight, or you haven’t been giving your body the proper nutrients it needs, you may experience hair loss.

A hair transplant Chicago at Chicagoland Aesthetics, can help you get the beautiful, thick head of hair you once had. With effective and painless treatments, you’ll have your confidence back in no time. You don’t have to live with your condition – there are alternatives available.

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