Suffering from Elbow Pain, Seek Help in Hoffman Estates

Elbows are essential for swinging, lifting, throwing, and hugging people. Hoffman Estates residents may not realize it, but elbows aren’t just simple joints and have a variety of tendons, nerves, and muscles that all work together to allow you to do the things you desire. Therefore, a lot of things can go wrong, causing elbow pain. The elbow joint is formed by three bones that come together, including the humerus, ulna, and radius. Each bone has cartilage, helping it slide against one another and absorb any shocks. Ligaments keep them in place, and the tendons connect to the muscles and bones, allowing you to move your arm a variety of ways.

One-time Injuries

Many people experience pains because of an injury. These can include dislocated elbows, fractures, sprains, and strains. Sprains/strains are common in athletes, but anyone can get them. If you lift something too have or otherwise overdo it, you can cause yourself a great deal of elbow pain.

Wear-and-Tear Issues

Hoffman Estates residents should be aware that some injuries aren’t immediate. The way you move and how you do certain things can put more wear and tear on the joint. In some cases, the issue stems from a previous injury, such as a fracture from playing sports. You’re more prone to hurting that area in the future. These issues can include bursitis, which is caused by doing the same motions over and over. Tennis and golfer’s elbow are also a possibility. Along with that, trapped nerves are also common, such as cubital tunnel syndrome, where one of the primary nerves are squeezed. You can experience numbness or burning in the fingers, arm, and hand.


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