Steps to Fire Damage Restoration in Beaver County PA

by | Mar 24, 2017 | Carpet Cleaning Service

In the event of a fire, the most extensive damage done to carpets and upholstery is by the water used to fight the blaze. It is akin to flooding, so the steps to Fire Damage Restoration in Beaver County PA mirror that of water damage restoration. The goals are to save as much of the materials as possible, ensure mold and bacteria are removed from the area, and replace what has been lost. That takes experience, updated equipment, and technicians who benefit from continuing education. Select the company to provide services carefully so the job will be done right. If drying is not complete, for example, mold will continue to grow under the carpet, or in furniture.

The first step is to determine the extent of the damage. The carpet pad is always removed, but it may be possible to save some, or all, of the carpet. Depending on the thickness of upholstered furniture, drying out the material may take one day, or several. The estimate of costs and time is indicated by the amount of damage. Next, a truck-mounted vacuum system is used to extract any remaining excess water. The power of the equipment makes removal fast and efficient. The wet and contaminated carpeting is removed. Once dry, an anti-bacterial and anti-microbial treatment is applied to deter and inhibit bacteria growth.

Dehumidifiers and fans are used to completely dry affected rooms. The areas are then cleaned and deodorized. A new carpet pad is placed on the floor. The carpet that was saved will be re-tacked, while any replacement carpet will be installed. The total amount of time these steps to Fire Damage Restoration in Beaver County PA will depend on the size of the affected area. It may be necessary for the family to vacate the home, or the business to shut down while the process commences. Detailed documentation of the damage and the restoration process is provided to building owners for insurance purposes. Those in need of services can click here for capabilities, a list of areas served, and to find special offers and coupons. A fire is a devastating event. Getting flooring and furniture restored as soon as possible will help those effected get back to normal and move forward.

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