5 Ways to Tell the Best Bars in Gaslamp


Picking the best bars in Gaslamp isn’t easy for an amateur. Here’s how the pros do it:

Check out the regulars

Are there any? If that’s a yes, then you’ll want to give that bar a try. However, if all the regulars are beyond ninety years of age and seem to show signs of being wasted, then you might want to move on to the next.

Ask about the happy hour

How long is the happy hour? Are the discounts off the drink substantial? If you think happy hour is better at Bar A than B, that could be one reason to ditch B for A.

Consider the bartender

Remember the insanity that was 2 years ago, when Gillian Anderson turned bartender for a charity fundraiser—and made plenty of fans happy? While we can’t all have a celebrity for a bartender, having one who’s got character can be a good reason to stick around. Whether it’s a grumpy, old man or a sexy, sarcastic woman, you’re bound to have a bit of fun.

Look for table games

While pool is a common sight in many bars, the best bars in Gaslamp have more than pool tables around. They also have foosball, a shuffleboard or even several other table games around. It’s a good tactic to encourage guests to mingle, giving you a chance to talk to that cute girl or guy you’ve been eyeing for the last half-hour or so.

Consider the crowd

If there are too many people slurring their words, best to get out of the bar while you still can. That or you’ll end up with puke all over you. Before you step into a bar for a few hours of good time, consider the crowd—and how far gone people are—before you grab a table and order that drink.

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