Steps for Preparing Your Home For Air Conditioning Installation in New Jersey

by | Jun 11, 2020 | Web Design

When a homeowner is preparing for air conditioning installation in New Jersey, they may not know what to expect from the process. Air conditioning installation can take several hours, depending on the size of the unit and whether or not new ductwork will need to be installed. By knowing what to expect from the process, homeowners can be fully prepared, so the installation goes as seamlessly as possible.

Before the installers arrive, there are a few steps homeowners should take to ensure the workers will be able to perform their job:

* Mow and trim the grass and weeds in the area where the outdoor unit will be installed.

* Remove any outdoor furniture, plants, or toys that may be in the way of the installers.

* Clear out the area where the indoor unit will be installed, making sure there is a clear path from the entrance to the area.

On the day of the air conditioning installation in New Jersey, it is important young children and pets are kept away from the areas being worked on. It is a good idea to secure pets during the installation process, so they do not interfere with the work being done. Children and pets can become injured by the tools and equipment that must be used in the installation process, and they should not be left unattended during the installation.

During the installation, homeowners can expect to have their electricity cut off from time to time as the installers carry out their work. This is for their safety and for the prevention of damage to the new air conditioning system. The installers will do their best to keep these electrical interruptions to a minimum and will inform the homeowner when the electricity will need to be shut off.

Knowing what to expect and being prepared can help to make an air conditioning installation much easier for everyone involved. If you are in need of a new installation, contact First Choice Heating and Cooling. They provide superior repair and installation services for heating and air conditioning systems. Call them right away so you can schedule an appointment for your installation needs.

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