Starting A Claim With Personal Injury Lawyers In Huntington, WV

In West Virginia, personal injury law encompasses a multitude of probabilities. Victims must present their case according to the type of personal injury claim they have. Guidelines and additional provisions apply to the different types of cases, including stricter statutes of limitations. Personal Injury Lawyers Huntington WV explain how to start a claim and what is expected when going to court.

Assessing the Victim’s Injuries

Legal claims are filed when victims sustain serious injuries that have a damaging effect on their lives. A lawsuit is the only option for the claimants to collect compensation due to a lack of insurance or an insurer’s refusal to pay. Victims with the most severe injuries have the most-viable claims.

Collecting Evidence for the Claim

Evidence starts with medical records and images of the victim’s injuries. Medical records explain the victim’s injuries and their prognosis. If the accident occurred in a public place or at work, video footage of the event might be available and substantiate the victim’s claim. If the injuries were linked to a crime, a criminal case might offer further evidence once it becomes a part of public records.

Depositions from Any Witnesses

Depositions are completed from all witnesses that saw the event that caused the victim’s injuries. Their testimony substantiates the victim’s claim or discredits it. Attorneys review all information provided by the witnesses and determine if there is any conflict that could derail the claim.

What to Expect During the Trial

During the trial, the defendant’s attorney asks the victim about their injuries. The victim’s attorney prepares the victim for the questions and helps them avoid possible issues. If the victim wins their case, they receive economic damages to manage their financial losses. Punitive damages are provided in medical malpractice cases to punish unethical doctors. Additional awards are provided for mental anguish and pain and suffering.

In West Virginia, personal injury cases are managed according to their type and the identity of the defendant. Shorter statute of limitations timelines apply to cases against public officials. Victims of any personal injury accident can contact Personal Injury Lawyers Huntington WV through Stapleton Law Offices or Click Here for more information right now.

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