Choosing an Outpatient Imaging Center for Scans in Burbank, CA

Outpatient Imaging

Whether you’re looking to get scans for a physician that might not have access to an MRI machine at their office or you’re just trying to get some information for your knowledge, you can visit an outpatient imaging office to get all of the MRI scans that you would want. However, it’s important to note that there isn’t just one kind of MRI scan that you can receive. Look into each of these options to see which one works for you the most when going to an outpatient imaging office.


Typically, ultrasound is thought of as a technology used when you want to see a baby inside of a mother’s stomach, but the technology has far more medical uses due to the improvement in technology. By opting for an ultrasound scan, you can get a detailed picture of your liver which can tell you of any issues that you may have. Additionally, you’re able to get a detailed analysis of your skeletal system.


When you go get a CT scan, you’re getting an image of your entire body that typically is used whenever you get a fracture. However, PET is an imaging procedure in which you can have your entire body scanned to create an image of all of the functioning parts. When combined is a powerful procedure in which you can detect diseases like cancer earlier than you could with any way else. Consider going through PET imaging in Burbank, CA, if you want to detect any potential diseases you have early on.

Finding the Right Center

Once you have a good idea if you want to go through an ultrasound or PET imaging in Burbank, CA, you need to find the right center that will work for you. Work first through your insurance company so you can find a place that won’t charge you out of pocket. Then narrow it down using online reviews to find the center that works best for you.

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