Stainless Steel – A Recyclable Metal

Manufacturing: It’s not the first-word one usually associates with a “sustainable” or ‘eco-friendly’ process. In fact, many regulatory agencies created to address concerns about the impact of manufacturing components on the environment can thank the industrial and manufacturing communities for their existence. One important product used in a broad range of applications, however, is almost completely recyclable, making it the “fair-haired child” in the world of manufacturing. The obvious choice for eco-friendly fabrication and construction is none other than stainless steel. San Jose is home to experts in fabricator.

Facts about Recycling Stainless Steel (SS)
• Besides the iron, other elements like chromium, nickel and molybdenum, which are added to alter the chemistry of the SS for a specific application, can be systematically separated and reclaimed independently.
• Unlike other metals, this steel doesn’t degrade in the recycling process. It is not consumed, and there is no waste product. This suggests that the economics of using it in the manufacturing process is favorable, even considering the higher initial cost of other engineering materials.

Using Stainless Steel Makes Sense
• Using it in fabrication and manufacturing processes will not only ensure a strong and durable product, but will also prove to be the best value in the long run. The higher initial cost will eventually be offset by the many benefits it offers.
• It is more durable and resists corrosion and staining, ensuring a longer life than other materials.
• Recycling SS is a self-sustaining process worldwide. The recycling of stainless steel followed by the manufacturing of new SS products has been called a closed loop process for the new items will eventually return as scrap. Stainless steel products, then, never become useless.
• Further, depending upon the alloy content of the steel, heat and chemical resistance also characterizes some types of SS.
• Finally, because of the environmental advantages, San Jose project managers and designers often choose stainless steel when evaluating potential materials for suitability.

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• In the United States, over half—as much as 60%—of all new stainless steel is made from recycled scrap metal. Twenty-five percent comes from retired industrial equipment—old scrap—and another 35% comes from new scrap derived from manufacturing processes.

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