Has the Time Come for a Full Roof Replacement in Topeka, KS?

While the homeowner has lived in the house for the better part of two decades, the roof has required little other than routine maintenance. Lately, there are signs that the day is approaching when a total Roof Replacement in Topeka KS, will be in order. Here are some indications that talking with a contractor now makes a lot of sense.

The Attic is Damp

After a hard rain, things are a little damp in the attic. While there are no puddles on the floor and the insulation is dry, the rafters are moist. In fact, a thin layer of mold has started to form over time. Before the damp can cause problems with the framework supporting the roof, it pays to find out where the water is coming in. Should the roofer discover multiple small cracks in the shingles, opting for a complete Roof Replacement in Topeka KS may be cheaper than attempting to make repairs.

The Shingles are Brittle

During a recent ascent to the roof for the purpose of cleaning out the gutters, the homeowner found that the shingles no longer hold up well to anyone walking across the roof. Even a careful walk across the surface leads to multiple cracks that render the shingles useless. If the entire roof is in this condition, there is no point in trying to salvage any of the shingles. The best strategy is to have a professional remove the current roof and replace it with something more resilient.

The Roof Looks Bad

The age of the roof is obvious just by looking at it. The color is faded in several areas, making the entire home look a little worn. Even if the roof is not leaking yet, now is the time to have a contractor come out and discuss different replacement options. Once the new roof is in place, the house will sport a lot more curb appeal.

For any homeowner who thinks it may be time to do something about the roof, visit Meslerexteriors.com and arrange for a contractor to visit the home. After a quick inspection, it will be easy to know if the current roof is worth saving or if a new one would be a better financial move.

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