Spyderco Knives are Perfect for EDC Uses No Matter Where You Are

You may have gotten used to carrying a knife on your person at all times only to find out that you’re now being relocated for work. Having looked at the laws in your new jurisdiction, you might come to believe that you can’t carry a knife where you’re being sent. While it might be true that your favorite Spyderco Warrior or Endura 4 knife is suddenly out of the question, there’s no reason you must give up having an EDC blade with you even if you’re going to a more restrictive area.

Look at a list of Spyderco knives for sale. You’ll find many types of friction folders and other very simple yet durable blades that should prove just fine in many areas. For instance, Spyderco’s stainless steel G-10 knife is a simple piece of plastic attached to a swinging edge. This short knife is legal for carry in most places because it’s only a few inches long and doesn’t have any complex locking mechanism.

Naturally, there are many people who prefer assisted designs. These are great for those who are lucky enough to live in a place that allows them. Friction folders and simple locking knives, however, can usually help you stay legal in places that wouldn’t dream of letting you have a spring-loaded knife. They can also help you avoid any workplace-related issues if you happen to end up assigned somewhere that has rules about what you can and cannot carry with you.

All Spyderco’s knives are designed to the same exacting specifications, so you wouldn’t be sacrificing quality for convenience either. The fact that these knives are so simple means that there’s very little likely to go wrong with them. If you’d like to see a large collection of Spyderco knives for sale, then head on over to Blade City.

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