Your Bathroom Remodeling Project: How to Select the Best New Fixtures

by | Jul 29, 2019 | Construction & Maintenance

Now that you’ve finished with other home improvement projects, it’s time to turn your attention to the bathroom. Managing bathroom remodeling in Wheaton requires making quite a few decisions. Here are some examples of how to go about selecting the right fixtures and incorporating them into your plans for the space.

Size and Scale Matter

As in any other part of the home, size and scale matter. You want all the fixtures to function properly, but it helps to keep the dimensions within a reasonable range. Even when you have a smaller bathroom, there are ways to ensure the fixtures provide a little extra in terms of comfort and support.

For example, consider opting for a toilet that stands closer to 18 inches rather than the usual 12–14 inches. That will boost the comfort factor and still fit into the space comfortably. The right type of single sink rather than a double sink works fine and provides a little more space to incorporate other elements. With the shower stall, you should consider width as well as length. You may find that a corner shower works perfectly in your space.

Consider Some Additional Features for the Shower

Speaking of the shower, think about adding something new to that part of the bathroom. Have you thought about a rain shower head rather than the typical wall-mounted variety? If you prefer something more traditional, consider a hand-held unit that makes it easy to detach the head from the wall and aim it as you see fit.

You can also consider multiple shower heads that allow you to enjoy streams of hot water to soothe aching shoulders while you are washing your face and hair. An expert in bathroom remodeling in Wheaton can come up with a plumbing plan to incorporate these and other features.

The Right Lavatory Faucets Will Add a Lot

Choose the lavatory faucets carefully. They can be ornamental as well as functional. Depending on the look you’re going for, choose a design that’s ornate or somewhat simple. Consider a different type of finish for some additional flair, like black or gold. An expert in bathroom remodeling in Wheaton can help you compare styles and finishes.


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