Sport Nutrition for Children for Improved Performance

Loads of kids loved to play sports, and many of them are extremely talented at what they do. While nutrition is important for every child, those who are in sports need to be sure they are eating what is needed to compete and grow healthily. If you are worried about your child athlete’s nutrition in Staten Island, Grasmere, NY, you probably want to understand what the special needs of your child are. That’s where we come in.

Hydration Matters

When we talk about nutrition, you may not think about hydration right away. However, athletes of any age lose water when they sweat. Most children have less developed sweat glands, which makes it harder to sweat and remove body heat. When we consider adult nutrition in Staten Island, Grasmere, the recommendation is to drink if sweat exceeds 2% of body weight. While there is no specific recommendation for kids, this is still a good rule of thumb to go with.

Carbs & Fats

With younger children, fats are often used as fuel more than carbohydrates are. This changes in adolescence. This means that kids may not need the same amount of carbs as an adult athlete. However, it’s always best to speak with an expert in nutrition in Staten Island, Grasmere, NY, so determine what carb and fat intake are the best for your child. Regardless, both carbs and fats have their place in a child’s nutrition.

Protein Needs

While there are few studies on the needs of young athletes in Grasmere, Staten Island, regarding proteins, it is believed they are elevated to some degree. Any athlete who uses more energy is likely going to eat more, though, which means it’s not usually something to be concerned about. However, in sports where weight is a big deal, it’s crucial to consider energy balance and protein intake. For this type of situation, it’s best to work with a professional who can oversee the nutrition plan of the child.


In most cases, young athletes do not need to take supplements. It is better to provide the child with a diverse diet with foods rich in nutrients. There are always going to be exceptions but adding in supplements without a doctor’s recommendation isn’t something you should do in most cases.

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