Packing Services in Dallas Will Protect Any Item You Are Shipping or Transporting

Transporting large or delicate items should always be done with care and with the proper packing before the items are moved. In today’s mobile society, items that need to be shipped across the street, city, state, country, or the world need to be protected against damage by a company that is experienced in packing services in Dallas. A packing service knows that a one-size-fits-all package is not going to accommodate the needs of an individual’s item.

A packing service can also build crates, pallets, and pack government items per the specifications that are required. Large machinery has delicate parts that need to be protected during transport. A large item will receive the same attention and careful packing as a delicate antique.


Items that are placed in storage should be protected during the move and at the storage location. Experienced carpenters will customize a shipping crate and pallet for the specific item. The crate will provide additional protection in the storage location from unwanted damage and dirt.

What Can Be Crated?

Crating can be created for large or small items. Some large items include manufacturing equipment, helicopters, airplanes, and mail sorting equipment. Motorcycles, power plant equipment, live animals, and break bulk cargo are other items that will benefit from packing services in Dallas.

Other Services

In addition to building a personalized crate, a packing service can also provide vapor barrier bags, heat shrinking, warehousing, and so much more. The packing service can create military-specified crates and skids or unload or load block and brace ocean containers. They can also perform crating on or off the customer’s site.

If the crate is only needed for a one-way transport or a customer wants reusable crates and skids, an experienced packing service can help. If an individual is interested in hiring a carpenter to build shelves, tables, benches, playhouses or office buildings, the carpenters at the packing service can help.

Your grandmother’s fine china or a new military helicopter will both receive the care and attention needed for the journey when an individual contacts Crate Master. They have many years of experience in crating, protecting items that are being shipped all around the world.

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