Spanish Movies Free Online Are a Great Way to Learn Spanish

Watching Spanish movies free online is one of the most popular ways for Spanish learners to learn and practice their new Spanish speaking skills. Learning and reviewing Spanish with classic movies is great entertainment as well as educational. Listed below are a few tips for learning Spanish with movies.

Watch a movie that you have already seen in your native language. By being familiar with what is happening in the movie, there is less stress about missing something. A great way to start is by watching it all in Spanish but with subtitles. This gives exposure to the Spanish audio.

Focus only on short segments with only one to two voices speaking. By doing so, there will be less room for frustrations as there are many variations and pronunciations within different Spanish speaking cultures.

Find a movie that is interesting otherwise it will feel more of a chore to learn Spanish than entertainment.

Stick with movies that are from one particular country at first. This will limit the need to feel as if learning each variation of a word is necessary.

Learning with others is beneficial. Find a friend or family member to learn Spanish with you. This will help supply words, phrases, and any key points that you may have missed.

Listen to a line, pause the movie, rewind to the beginning of the line and repeat. This may feel silly but it helps to grasp the way the words are being said and then can be used for comparison later on.

Look up new words, and review them. The most effective way to learn from Spanish movies free online is to take the time to look up a word, write it down and review it on a regular basis.

When first approaching a foreign movie, approach it in the same way you would with any other method for learning a language. Be patient and understand that the language won’t become fluent overnight.

With enough time, fluency will happen and you can begin to enjoy movies the same way you would in your native language. Grab some popcorn, a comfortable spot, a notebook, and pencil, and get started today with learning Spanish through a good movie.

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