Some Questions to Ask Surgical Instrument Manufacturers

There are dozens of surgical instrument manufacturers to choose from these days. So, how do you know, as a consumer or surgical instrument supplier, that you are in fact choosing the right manufacturing company? Well, there are several questions you can ask your potential surgical instrument manufacturers up front to ensure that you are getting the quality and product you demand.

Guarantees and Repairs

The two most important questions you should ask your potential surgical instrument manufacturers, besides whether or not they are equipped/qualified to manufacture surgical instruments are first what are their policies requiring repairs? And, second what are their guarantees on the quality of their surgical instruments? Ideally, you want to work surgical instrument manufacturers that can offer some kind of guarantee and are willing to repair the instrument for free in the event that it should need a repair as this demonstrates that they can back the overall quality of their instruments. If a potential manufacturer cannot offer these things, but does work with a supplier that can or is willing to, then they are still a manufacturer worth considering.


Speaking of surgical instrument suppliers, you more than likely will be dealing a supplier if you are not in the business of manufacturing yourself or are simply buying in bulk if you will (surgical centers, hospitals, etc.). Thus, it is important to know where your surgical instrument supplier stands on issues regarding repair or replacement materials. For instance, if you are going through a supplier will their surgical instrument manufacturers be the one’s repairing a defective instrument or are repairs handled by third party vendors? These are the kinds of questions that you should know up front as well.

Past Experience

Ask the prospective manufacturer about their past experience. What kind of clients have they served? What was the scope of work involved and what were the results. If necessary, ask to speak to references to verify recent work and performance of the manufacturer.

By asking these questions, you can help narrow your decision when choosing a surgical instrument manufacturer. The most important thing is to work with a manufacturer that puts quality and precision above other lesser considerations.

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