Solutions to Common Issues with Online TV Streaming

Are you getting frustrated by watching your favorite shows buffer when you want to finish an episode? Or are you dealing with video playback that is jerky and hard to watch? This is a common issue with online TV streaming, but there are ways to rectify that situation. We’ll explain a few of your options for optimizing your streaming setup, so you no longer have to worry about slowdowns.

Determine Your Internet Speed

The most common reason for issues with video streaming is a slow Internet connection. For instance, if you wish to watch high-definition streaming, you may need a speed of 5Mbps at the lowest. If you know you are paying for those speeds, it’s a good idea to determine if you’re getting what you pay for. You can check your connection speed on the various website to see what the speed you are getting is. If something seems off, speak to your Internet service provider.

Consider Who Else is Using the Connection

If you are in a home or building with many other individuals on the connection, this can speed down your connection by a lot. For instance, if your kids are playing video games online, while your partner watches YouTube on their phone, you can expect your connection to be slower than usual. The best option here is to upgrade the speed of your Internet, so everyone can use their devices without worry.

Use Apps or Switch Your Browser

Sometimes, if you are experiencing issues with one browser, it might be a good option to try another browser. You can also download an app and use that instead of a browser. Some browsers and apps make online TV streaming straightforward, while others are prone to problems. If you prefer to keep your current browser, make sure to keep it updated. You also want to remove any unneeded extensions, as these might be dropping your speed down.

Switch the Quality of Your Video

Everyone loves watching the beautiful display possible with high definition video, but it can take up a lot of room on your Internet connection. If the video is jerky while playing, switching the settings down to a lower level can make a major difference. You don’t have to drop to the lowest setting, just drop down a level and see if quality changes.

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