Solutions for Your Leaky Toilet

One of the most awkward and frustrating feelings in the world is the one you get when you realize your toilet is leaking. A toilet can leak for many reasons such as:

Leaky Valve
Your toilet may be leaking because of a faulty valve. It may have a slight leak right where the toilet fill valve and the water connect lines get together. If you catch it early, you can have it fixed so that your floor doesn’t get flooded or mildewed. The best defense against toilet leaks is to get a plumber in Highland Park to start working on repairing them right away.

Failed Flapper

The flapper on a toilet can fail, and that will cause excess water to come out of the top of the bowl. It can be a disaster, so you need to address it as quickly as possible. Call a reputable plumber in Highland Park IL.

Loose Screws

Sometimes the screws that attach the base to the floor come loose because of the sitter’s movements on the seat. That’s one the least complex issues, and you can have it resolved the same day you call someone about it. An IL professional can get a tight fit on the screws without breaking them.

 Bad Wax Ring

A bad wax ring is one of the most difficult problems because you need to have someone pull the entire toilet up to fix it. If you leak at the base, it may be because of a worn wax ring.

Fortunately, you don’t have to stress about any of those issues. All you have to do is call BMW Plumbing Inc., and someone will come out an assess your problem. The solution may be very simple or quite complex, but you’ll know right away so you can have it fixed.

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