Social Media is a Great Marketing Tool

Gay social networking media sites are one of the best and most up-to-date methods that you can use to reach your target audience of the LGBT community.  There can be a potential for a bottom line increase of thousands of dollars, if not more, at stake for your company.  For far too many businesses the LGBT community is a largely untapped market and with the proper marketing tools, you can turn that around.

A Single New Page on Your Site can do Amazing Things
Create a new page on your site or some creative social posts and it can make a huge difference.  One Reddit link can pull over 20,000 people to your site in a single weekend.  That is free advertising for you that only requires a bit of imagination and sensitivity.

The Interaction can be Amazing
Marketing via Twitter and Instagram lets you get a peek into your customers’ lives.  You can see from their posts what they are purchasing and why, which may help you make or adjust your advertising plans.  Seeing what they like to do with their free time can help you decided where your advertising dollars would be best spent.  You can use your social media to create and maintain contacts with tastemakers in your LGBT industry and journalists.

People on Social Media Sites are Interested
When people check their Twitter and Facebook feeds they are only seeing them as a place to catch up with family and friends, not as an advertising space.  In general they won’t see what you post as an ad and are more likely to be receptive to it.  According to studies, members of the LGBT community are avid blog and web site readers so you are have a targeted audience at your fingertips.  Pink Banana Media can teach you how to use social media to your advantage on LGBT websites and more.

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