Smell Something Odd In San Mateo, CA? Call A Plumber!

Does your area smell like sewage, swamps, or other bad scents? Does the rest of your town smell perfectly fine? Was the smell a recent change?

Any of these questions could mean odd plumbing problems–either for you specifically or for the area sewage system. Here are a few sewage and leak details to help you figure out the problem.

What’s That Smell? It Could Be A Big Stink

Many areas deal with odd smells as the seasons change or when heavy rainfall happens. Especially if you live in or near a swamp, the local air might stink after flooding.

Not all smells are local, passing problem. If sewer gas or extremely strong sewage scents are near your home or workplace, there might be a crack in the sewage system. This can happen due to buildup, ruptures caused by earthquakes or other tectonic activity, or wear and tear from aging sewage systems.

Especially in California, where earthquakes and other ground activity can create slight shifts in infrastructure, it’s best to call a professional to be sure. Finding professionals skilled in sewer repair in San Mateo, CA, area is easy, but stay safe.

If the scent is in your home or business, you may also want to schedule an air quality inspection. Air pollution can lead to headaches, drowsiness, and loss of coordination that can be dangerous.

Expensive Leaks Are An Upgrade Opportunity

Is your water bill getting higher even after conserving water? Are you seeing a spike in your bill even though your household cuts down on shower use?

Leaks can get expensive over time. A few drops every few seconds on a daily basis can easily add up to more than you actually use. This is true for families, but stands out even more for single-person households.

Calling a plumber for a repair is just the first step. If you own your home or have a stake in the building (such as a time-share, close friends with the owner, etc), this may be a time to push for an upgrade.

If your plumbing hasn’t been improved for over a decade, there are better, more affordable materials. There are also advanced techniques that can more efficiently move water and prevent clogs.

From more affordable, durable pipes that can handle more water at the same time to affordable gadgets such as better garbage disposals, there are a lot of improvements to make. Sewer repair in San Mateo, CA, is just a call, click, or message away.

Contact a plumbing expert today to schedule a repair or inspection.

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