Making And Decorating Tasty Cake Pops Using Pans From NY Baking Companies

Cake pops can be designed to look like almost anything from animals to beautiful flowers. When you make these tasty treats, you’ll usually use pieces of leftover cake from cutting a larger cake. You could also bake a small cake just so that it can be used for the pops. A cake pop pan is also beneficial to have in your kitchen so that you can get the shape that you desire and so that they are baked evenly.


After you take your small cakes out of the oven, you’re likely going to want to decorate them instead of leaving them bare. Place a stick into each pop so that you have a way to hold the cake when you dip it into melted chocolate. Freezing the pops will help the chocolate stay on the cake a bit better. Position the sticks so that the chocolate can drip off them until it hardens so that you have a solid surface for adding decorations.

Start With the Basics

It’s usually better to start with basic shapes and designs when you begin making cake pops. This is where a cake pop pan will come in handy because you can pour the batter into the vessel and then bake the cake so that it comes out in the shape that you want. Cookie scoops are good tools to use for getting the right amount of batter into the pan.


One detail that you want to pay careful attention to when making your cake pops is their size. You don’t want to make them too big because they can be harder to decorate and could fall apart. This is another benefit of using a pan designed for cake pops as the pan has compartments that are just the right size for your treats.

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