Simple Solutions For Installing An AR 15 Gas Block

One of the reasons that the AR-15 is such a popular rifle is that it allows for fairly easy customization. This is important if you are a new gun owner, but it is also a cost and time-saving consideration for an experienced shooter.

A very common modification or customization to these guns is to change out the existing AR 15 gas block. This is often the first step when a gun owner moves from the use of the iron sights or chooses a higher powered optic over an existing smaller lower powered option. These types of scopes allow for the use of the front sight as well as the optic, but this won’t be the case in most situations if you change out the optic.

Look for Mounting Ease

When you select the new replacement, AR 15 gas block, selecting a model that is going to be easy to install is always your best option. The more complicated the installation process is, it may be as simple as a few screws for holding the block, the more likely it is to cause problems.

It is also important to choose the right gas block to match your requirements for height. If you aren’t sure what you need, start by comparing your existing gas block to others on the market.

Some of the styles offered by top AR 15 gas block manufacturers even provide the option to adjust the port to increase or decrease the amount of gas that enters the gas block and moves down the gas tube. This will be important to fine tune the cycling action of the rifle. These types of adjustments should be set up to never allow complete closure of the port for obvious safety factors.

Tips to Consider

Safety should always be first so double and triple check the firearm is completely empty of all ammunition. Remove the upper receiver and the front sight base. Do not lose the washer and note how it is positioned on the barrel as it needs to go back in the same orientation.

Remove the pins that hold the gas tube and pull it out of the front sight base. Slide the front sight base off of the barrel and clean the gas port. Install the gas tube in the new gas block and align the holes at the block and the receiver, then slide everything back into place and tighten.

Finally, replace the upper and lower receivers and your weapon is ready for use. This is also a good time to clean everything and give the gun a good inspection.

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