Create a Unique Piece of Jewelry with Loose Diamonds

by | Oct 3, 2016 | Jewelry

No matter how great your jeweler, you will have a finite number of choices when you shop ready made jewelry. This means there’s no guarantee that you won’t find someone else who owns exactly the same piece of diamond jewelry that you are wearing. So, for your next piece of jewelry, why not consider choosing loose diamonds and creating your own unique, one of a kind piece?

Working with a jeweler who will design a custom piece of jewelry for you gives you limitless options. Choose your favorite stones and metals to go with your loose diamonds and have a piece designed that is exactly what you desire. Make the piece as formal or casual as you like, and let it possess elements of your overall style in what you wear.

While the sky is the limit when you create custom jewelry, you should enter into the process with a few things in mind before you start. Here are four tips to help you ensure your piece of custom jewelry is perfect.

1. Have a budget. Start by deciding how much you can spend, and communicate this budget to your designer. An upfront budget will really help you to narrow down the possibilities for your jewelry.

2. See samples of the designer’s work. Before using a new jewelry designer, ask to see samples of his or her other pieces, so that you can get a feel for whether or not he can create something to your taste.

3. Ask for a drawing before proceeding. Talk to your jewelry designer about your preferences in metal, stones and overall design, as well as your budget for the piece. Then, ask to see a drawing of the piece he or she has come up with before committing to the piece or placing a deposit. You should have a very clear idea of how your jewelry will look before spending any money and before the jeweler does any work.

4. Pick out your stones. You may want to hand select the loose diamonds and other stones for your piece. Based on the jeweler’s drawing, have him show you stones that are the correct size and shape so you can choose exactly which stones will be used.

With these tips in mind, you should be well on your way to having the perfect piece of unique diamond jewelry.

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