Signs You Need Heat Pump Maintenance in Wichita Kansas

During colder weather, a heat pump provides the ideal option to ensure your home is cozy and warm. They are able to handle any level of heat with their ability to cool. However, it is important to realize that your heat pump will only perform as well as the actual state of repair that it is in when turned on. Some clear signs that you need Heat Pump Maintenance in Wichita Kansas are highlighted here.


Warning Signs of Heat Pump Issues

A clear indication that you need heat pump service includes the following signs.

Ice on the Coils

If you begin to notice any ice along the coils that are currently operating in the evaporating coil, then it may mean that your heat pump has a refrigerant leak, or that the coil has gotten so dirty that it will not easily allow the absorption of the heat. Both of these issues will likely require a professional’s touch to ensure that the problem is fully resolved. Keep in mind, simply scraping off the ice will not fix the issue, as it will just continue to come back.

Clicking or Grinding Sounds from the Heat Pump Cabinet

If you begin to notice any unusual noises from the cabinet where your heat pump is stored, this is usually not a good sign. The most common warning signs that you will hear are grinding or clicking. The clicking is usually an indication that one of the pumps capacitors is about to fail. The grinding typically means that the motors do not have enough lubrication or they are dirty and will burn out soon.

The Unit is Stuck in only One Mode

When your unit will not heat or cool, then the issue is usually due to an issue with the reversing valve. In most cases, replacing the valve will eliminate the problem.

If you need any type of Heat Pump Maintenance in Wichita Kansas, it is a good idea not to ignore the issue. Instead, call on a professional service, such as Kelley and Dawson Service. When you do this you can feel confident that your heat pump will be performing properly during the winter months.

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