Signs That Auto Fuel Injection Service in Telford PA Is Needed

Are there signs that a car owner should look for to tell if Auto Fuel Injection Service in Telford PA is needed? As with other car issues, there are definitely signs. One indication of trouble is a longer crank time. When an injector leaks, it will make the rail lose some of its pressure. When a person tries to start the car after it has been sitting for a period of time, the rail will need more time than it usually needs in order to pressurize. Although crank times may be longer during the winter time because of the cold, problems in the warmer months should be checked out.

When Fuel Injection Service Telford PA is needed, the check engine light may illuminate on the dashboard. Reading the error codes can let a person know if the injector is the culprit. The light may be coming on because of a lean misfire. It is possible to find more than one code depending on what the problem is and where it is located. Another sign that it may be time to go to Telford Auto Repair & Tire or another mechanic is when the car won’t start even if it has a full tank of gas. The car may also stall on a consistent basis. A car stalling or not starting might be because of contaminated fuel due to an injector problem.

Lack of overall maintenance will also lead to fuel injector problems. For some cars, not changing the oil may cause contaminants to stick to the tip of fuel injectors. Filters need to be replaced to in order to keep everything in the car running clean. People who don’t do car maintenance will usually let problems linger, which will eventually result in the problems affecting other systems.

Other signs that there may be injector problems include reduced gas mileage, leaking fuel, and rough idles. When fuel is leaking, car owners can usually smell it. Rough idles happen because the fuel supply might not be regular. If a car has a fuel injector issue, simply using fuel injector cleaner isn’t enough. The car must be taken to a professional to have the problem accurately diagnosed.

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