Tile Flooring Styles are Perfect for Bathrooms and Kitchens in Bainbridge Island, WA

by | Jul 17, 2020 | Flooring

The main enemy to most types of flooring is water. Water damage to wood, carpet, or vinyl flooring can be unsightly, but it can also cause serious damage below the surface. You may not even know what is happening below your floors. Enter tile flooring. Tile flooring is incredibly popular in warm climates, because it stays cool into the hot days and helps reduce air conditioning costs and makes you feel a bit cooler when you walk on it. But tile flooring is also popular in Bainbridge Island, WA because it’s the most water safe flooring available. You can put tile flooring into your Bainbridge Island, WA bathrooms or kitchen and never worry about water damage again.

Tile Flooring Options

Another reason why tile flooring is so popular here in Bainbridge Island, WA and around the world is that you can get ceramic tile floors in every color, glaze, size, and shape. The options are truly endless. That means you can install a tile floor in your bathroom that matches your shower curtain, towels, and bathroom furniture. You can even create a mosaic look with tile flooring, something beautiful and unique to your home. Tile flooring can be modern and sleek, or it can be traditional and classical. You can bring in the feel of a Tuscan villa, Portuguese mosaics, industrial looks like slate or granite, or remember the tiles your grandmother had in her kitchen.

The size of tile flooring options is also incredibly fun – you can imagine any type of tile flooring for your Bainbridge Island, WA home with the size, shape, color, and texture options of tiles.

Other Great Places for Tile Accents

Tile flooring can be used to great effect in other parts of the home where you want a bit of coolness or water protection. At the hearth of your fireplace, or around your wood stove, tile can keep cool and be protective against burns. If you want to create a protective tile area within rooms that have carpet flooring, you can do so easily. This will add a safety feature as well as a way to protect your other flooring.

You can also install Kitchen Tile Flooring in Bainbridge Island, WA, where moisture tends to come in to the house and stay. Tile flooring is beautiful and practical for many applications in your Bainbridge Island, WA home. Consider tile flooring the next time you want to add value, style, and comfort to your house.

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