Signs A Business Should Upgrade To Private Server Hosting

Most businesses, including startups and small businesses, will start using a shared hosting server package. This offers a cost-effective, efficient option for a website that receives low to moderate traffic and that has limited need for advanced types of services.

However, as a company grows, particularly an ecommerce company, there are several signs that a business should look at with regards to their web hosting service. When more than a couple of these issues become evident, it is important to consider the move to virtual private server hosting.

What is VPS?

A VPS or virtual private server is a separate and defined part of an actual physical server. Unlike a shared hosting service, the administrator, or the business, have access to the administrative functions of their part of the server. Nothing is shared, so what other companies with a VPS on the same server do will not impact the resources or the programs operating on the server with regards to your company.

In most cases, virtual private server hosting is the natural transition between shared hosting services and a private server. It offers the best of both worlds with a low monthly cost but the freedom to run programs and security features that are ideal for the company.

When to Move

With the low cost of virtual private server hosting, moving is even more effective for a company now than in the past. As soon as a company or ecommerce site starts seeing an uptick in visitors and traffic, moving from shared to VPS services is recommended.

Additionally, security becomes a concern on shared servers. These servers, with multiple users all sharing resources, are much more likely to be targeted by hackers, plus there is a greater risk of someone running a program or a script that negatively impacts all other websites on the server.

By choosing VPS, all of these issues can be avoided. With immediate page loading, no concerns about high traffic issues and better security, this should be a top priority for any ecommerce site.

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