Shredding Companies in Long Beach Protect Personal & Business Secrets

Every day, businesses of all kinds compile huge libraries of confidential information. And it is a contingent responsibility of said businesses to protect that data at all costs. Customer information such as home addresses, e-mail contacts, bank routing and account numbers, credit card numbers, even the names of clients and their relatives, is targeted for theft every day.

The news recently has revealed how data thieves hacked their way into customer databases kept by banks and online retailers and obtained a wealth of confidential information. And those were just electronic records. Even in this age, paper records are still kept and hold even more detailed information. And periodically, that information must be purged not only to save archive space but more importantly to prevent it from falling into criminal hands. The most careless disposal of these records can leave thousands of people and the company itself vulnerable to larceny and liability. This necessitates physical destruction of this material by shredding.

Confidential commercial Shredding Companies in Long Beach will dispatch mobile units to the company headquarters to handle the bulk destruction of all this material. Providing their clients ahead of time with lockable secure storage bins in which to keep documents, the service people remove the material to their vans where high-capacity shredding machines reduce all those sensitive records to confetti. A regular schedule of service visits ensures the periodic elimination of old records. But in the event of a move to new facilities or closedown of the business itself, the team can be dispatched at a moment’s notice to handle final disposal of old records in compliance with all legal requirements.

Commercial Shredding Companies in Long Beach also handle the destruction of electronic media as well. Old floppy disks, CDs, DVDs, data tapes, cell phones, flash drives, SD cards and hard drives can be shredded with special equipment designed for such heavy duty work. And at the company headquarters, bulk shredders and furnaces guarantee the total destruction of all obsolete records and media quickly and efficiently. And all such work is accompanied by a guaranteed certificate of destruction as legal proof that the material purge has been fully carried out.


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