Making Final Arrangements: Considering Options for Monuments in Connecticut

Choosing to make funeral and burial arrangements in advance is one of the kindest things that anyone can do for their loved ones. Along with making sure that most of the expense is settled in advance, loved ones are not left to make decisions at a time when they feel the least capable of dealing with details. When it comes to comparing the merits of different Monuments in Connecticut, here are some points to keep in mind.

Learning More About Cemetery Standards

Whether the funeral plot happens to be in a graveyard operated by a house of worship or a cemetery that is under the care of a private business or a municipality, there is likely to be some guidelines about headstones and monuments in Connecticut. A good place to begin is to secure a copy of those guidelines and keep them in mind when considering the size and shape of the monument. Keep in mind a casual stroll through the burial ground will not necessarily lead to an idea of what is acceptable. Monuments that were allowed a few decades ago may not be in line with the current guidelines.

Considering Different Materials

What sort of materials should be used for the monument? Some people love the look of polished marble or granite. Others will opt for some other type of stone or masonry product. Take a moment and think about the wear and tear the monument will be subjected to in the years to come. Going with something that is durable helps to ensure future generations can visit the spot and read the inscription with ease.

What Type of Inscription is Appropriate?

There is plenty of room for personal expression when it comes to inscriptions on monuments. The key factor is to make sure they are in good taste. This does not mean they can’t provide some insight into the sense of humor or the beliefs that the individual held during life. For example, if the individual once stated that the family would only get the recipe for that special holiday cake over his or her dead body, inscribing it on the monument is likely to trigger smiles and fond memories for loved ones in the years to come.

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