Should You Hire a Louisville Moving Company or DIY?

You can’t blame people for wanting to handle their move themselves. After all, it takes a lot of time and money to find the right moving company and ensure that you’re ready to go on a certain date. At the same time, however, sometimes it simply makes more sense to hiring a moving company. Louisville residents that are on the fence about whether or not to tackle their move themselves should keep reading for helpful decision making questions.

How Hard is the Move Going to Be?
Take into account all of the challenges you know you’re going to be facing. If you’re going from a college dorm to an apartment and basically only have clothes and shoes to move, you could probably handle it on your own. If you have lots of massive or weird-shaped furniture, however, you’re facing a bit of a challenge. You should also consider outsourcing if you have a lot of antiques or fragile items. Experts know how to properly wrap and move items like this, and could save you a lot of money and disappointment by not destroying your treasured possessions.

How Much are You Moving?
It’s important to know how much stuff you plan on moving. Are you downsizing or bringing literally everything you own? Use an online household goods mileage calculator to estimate how much all your stuff weighs. Knowing the weight of your items is a great way to see what type of services you would need, and whether it’s cost-effective to outsource the process. Keep in mind that some movers have an hourly minimum, so they won’t come and move just one sofa. It’s to your benefit to move everything if you’re Louisville moving company hiring a Louisville company.

Do You Have a Lot of Time?
Sometimes, you have to get out of your place quickly. If that’s the case, you might want some professionals to help out. Packing yourself and taking multiple trips with boxes can be incredibly time-consuming especially when you’ve got other last minute moving stuff to handle. Although might consider doing a move yourself with friends and family if you have a lot of time and the move is fairly small, a professional moving company still provides advantages for even smaller scale relocations.

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