Should You Consider Electric Construction Heaters?

In the construction business you have to deal with just about every kind of weather. In addition, it can cost your company dearly if you need to shutdown just because the temperature outdoors is below the freezing mark. This is why so many businesses invest in portable heaters but should you choose propane, natural gas, oil or electric construction heaters? Electric heat may be the best option for many businesses today and here are some reasons why.

Electric Heat and the Environment

When you use electric heat you are not placing any pollutants into the air. This can be a big consideration for some industries. With so many businesses going green and becoming eco friendly, it’s a good idea to do your part for the environment because your clients or customers not only expect it in the 21st Century, many of them demand environmentally friendly businesses and products.


Many contractors must be very careful with the noise they create. This is especially important when you are working in residential and retail business areas. Some gas heaters can be quite noisy and electric construction heaters are much quieter on average and there are no exhaust fumes to bother local residents and businesses.


With some businesses, safety is the ultimate concern when it comes to temporary heating systems. For example, paper mills and wood sawing operations create a lot of dust which can become explosive. Your business may utilize flammable chemicals and in the petroleum industry there is no room for sparks or open flames anywhere.

When you use electric heat, there are no flames to be concerned with. Plus you don’t have to be worry about volatile liquid fuels becoming ignited or exploding. Electric powered heat is one of the safest forms you can choose.

Working in enclosed spaces can sometimes be hazardous and you cannot afford to have fuel emissions released into the air. This can create a serious carbon monoxide hazard. In addition, some emissions smell badly and make workers ill if they have to breathe them all day.

Downside to Electric Heating

Nothing is perfect and when you use electricity as your source of heat, you will need a power source. This can come from a generator but you can also use standard 240 volt power and some smaller units can run on 120 volts.

Electric Power

You can buy electric construction heaters with as little as three kilowatts and as much as 480 kilowatts of power. Both heavy duty and compact models are available and some are thermostat controlled. Plus, because they are simple in design they are less costly than many other heating options.

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