Make Your Kisumu Stay Memorable

If you’re traveling through Kisumu, whether for business or pleasure, you may be surprised to find elegant hotels with exquisite views at affordable prices. Extended stay suites in Kisumu can accommodate a family enjoying a Kenyan vacation or anyone traveling for business. The hotels already offer inexpensive rates, and those costs go even lower with a lengthier stay. After a few days in the charming city and living in a luxurious room, guests might not want to go back to real life.

Extended Vacation

Kenya is a beautiful country and Kisumu a beautiful city; it isn’t hard to spend weeks or months seeing the sights and taking in the cultural experiences. The extended stay suites in Kisumu afford you the opportunity to take your time exploring the region. The city is located off of Lake Victoria, the world’s largest tropical lake and the largest of Africa’s Great Lakes. Southeast of Kisumu are several national parks where visitors can see exotic wildlife and beautiful sunsets. Hippo Point is a nearby sanctuary that’s famous for its views of both animals and picturesque landscapes.

Within Kisumu proper there is plenty to do as well. Many hotels are a short walk from the Kisumu Museum, filled with artifacts and recreations from early life in the region. Alongside Lake Victoria is the Kenya Wildlife Impala Park, a favorite among visiting families. There’s enough commerce to give the city a noticeable boost in restaurants and nightlife, so you won’t be stuck doing the same thing over and over again, no matter how long your stay.

Extended Business

The economy has grown in and around Kisumu in recent years, and with it, more people are coming and going for business matters. If work brings you for a number of weeks, extended stay suites in Kisumu will provide an upscale home away from home, complete with all the amenities you might need. Meeting and boardrooms are accessible within the hotels, plus the necessary Wi-Fi and hookups you’ll need in your room. Depending on the length of your stay, you’ll likely be wearing the same business attire on multiple occasions, and laundry services are available to accommodate that. Your hotel bar should offer a convenient spot to socialize with colleagues as well.

Extended stay suites in Kisumu can be enjoyed by anyone, from a weary business traveler to vacationers looking for new cultural experiences. The Vittoria Suites in Kisumu are the perfect option for longer visits and have everything you may need to make your travels comfortable and fun.

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