Should You Choose a Kennel That Offers Pet Grooming in Marysville or a Petsitter Who Simply Loves Pets?

Traveling with pets is never an easy task, especially when you must travel by plane. Imagining him in cargo is bad enough, but when he’s scrunched up under your seat whining to get out, your heart just bleeds for him. Taking a trip by car is not much easier with Fluffy and Fido, either.

Face it, typically; it’s just easier if you are able to find a place at home to leave them than it is to drag them along with you, especially if you plan on incorporating sight-seeing into your vacation. But, now the dilemma becomes, how should you have your pet cared for at home? Should you hire a pet-sitter or allow them to stay in a kennel? Both have their advantages, and you want the best for your pet.

When hiring a pet sitter, your pet has the advantage of being in a familiar setting. This is a huge plus for them. The disadvantage is that you’re opening your home to someone you may not know very much about, trusting them to care for your pet, even if something goes wrong. yes, they can call you if something goes wrong, but what can you do from 1,000 miles away? Most pet sitters are not trained to act on a problem if it were to arise. They’re simply trained to feed and water the pet, walk them and play with him. What they don’t do is Pet Grooming in Marysville. They are usually just good-hearted people who like pets, not trained professionals.

A kennel, such as Business Name, on the other hand, is a professional firm, experienced in Pet Grooming in Marysville, and able to treat your pet to the love, care and experienced handling they need. Should something go wrong, they have trained staff prepared to take care of the situation. Additionally, you can order extra services while you’re gone such as nail clipping, grooming, and teeth cleaning. Regardless of the breed of dog, it’s still possible to have these extras done, and not likely to be offered with a pet sitter. Take some of the stress out while you’re traveling, and leave the pet care to trained professionals.

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