Should You Choose a Fiberglass or Concrete Pool?

Experts have long suggested concrete pools are perfect for all occasions. Recent years have shown that fiberglass pools have many advantages over their concrete competitors. Fiberglass pools are easier to install, easier to maintain and look great when you finish them with deck accent lighting; so which will you choose?

Does The Cost of the Pool Matter?

The cost of purchasing and installing a swimming pool in your yard does affect the balance of your bank account, but the difference in cost between the acquisition and fitting of a concrete pool is similar to that of a Fiberglas pool. Vinyl liner pools, the third option, are considerably less costly, but they do not last very long and need to be replaced every few years.

The cost of the pool is not your only consideration. To finish and provide a wonderful overall effect, the installation of efficient, yet attractive, safety decking and deck accent lighting is essential.

There is very little maintenance when you choose a fiberglass pool whereas a concrete pool must be resurfaced and retiled every 10 or so years. The surface of a Fiberglas pool slows the growth of algae which means you can use less chemicals to maintain the perfect balance for the water. With a concrete pool you will use more chemicals and filtration to stop the algae growing. Whether you use a painted concrete or tile finish, algae love to grow on the surface.

Timing The Installation

The installation of a concrete pool takes 2 to 4 months and is a substantial building job in your yard. A Fiberglas pool is far quicker to install. The ground can be removed in just a few days and because the fiberglass pools will be manufactured away from your home, the installation can be completed in one or two days. With finishing around the pool and the addition of your deck accent lighting, your new swimming area can be ready for use in around one month after the work began.

The surface of a Fiberglas pool is much smoother than concrete. This is likely to appeal to everyone, especially for children who are likely to be more energetic around the edge of the pool.

You can choose to purchase Fiberglas pools with built-in steps and seats. You can achieve the same effect with a concrete pool, but of course, you are increasing the build time.

There is no doubt that a concrete pool is more suitable for larger models. Where a fiberglass pool must be shipped, you are restricted to the size of vehicle and roads in your neighborhood.

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