Suggestions for Finding a Reliable Plating Company

by | Oct 13, 2016 | Metal

If you work in the general industry sector or the automotive industry, it’s extremely important that you work with a great plating company. You obviously need electroplating if you plan to protect your many metal components against corrosion or abrasion, but the capabilities, qualifications and services of a great electroplating company differ greatly from its lesser counterparts.

The first thing to look for when searching for any one of these companies is what kinds of certifications and qualifications they have. Things like the ISO/TS 15949 certificate, the GMW4700 approval, the GM3044 approval and especially the ROHS compliance letter, which certifies that a plating company has been audited and doesn’t use any banned substances, are good indications that the company in question is responsible.

Next, although there are stereotypes about electroplating companies being grimy, unreliable and inefficient, it’s possible to find one that defies those stereotypes. While the certifications that were already mentioned point to the quality of work that you will get from a particular company, there are other beliefs and traits to look for. Try to learn whether or not a company delivers on time, or whether they are in debt. It’s easy and reassuring to work with a company that both delivers promptly and has never been in debt, since it proves that they are responsible. Many people complain about electroplating plants that are filthy and hazardous, so it’s worth finding the one that is clean and doesn’t require you or workers to wear extra tall rubber boots or respirators. Lastly, you are going to need frequent updates, lists and data, so it’s important that you determine whether or not a plating company has the technology necessary to document, organize and codify their entire process.

Don’t get frustrated with all electroplating companies simply because you are currently working with a bad one or haven’t found a good one yet. Reliable, efficient ones do exist, so keep these qualities in mind and you’ll never need to worry about your components.

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