Should You Add Multi Axis Machining to Your Shop?

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Metal Fabrications

Multi axis machining can be utilized in a vertical or horizontal machining center and provides a wide range of benefits to the modern machine shop. Plus, you have several options for this service. If you have an older machine you could opt to upgrade your equipment to 4 or 5 axes. You also have the choice of buying new machinery or you could outsource the work to a trusted machine shop service. Here is a closer look at these options to help you with your decision.

Why Multi Axis Machining?

When we speak of multiple axes we are referring to 3 linear axes and one or more rotary axes. Some machines have rotary tables while others incorporate these axes into the machine. There are some excellent benefits with this setup:

 * Cost – you can create some intricate and complex work pieces with just one machine. In fact, complex parts can be fashioned with shafts, threads and special features and this eliminates the need for casting. There is no need to transfer pieces from one machine to another to complete a project. This saves time, resources and ultimately, money.

 * Higher speeds – because cutting tools can be shorter, you will enjoy the benefits of high speed cutting. This increases vertical and horizontal machining center accuracy because vibration is reduced.

Faster drilling times – helps to complete projects quicker.

Option One – Upgrade

Upgrading an older machine may not always be the best plan. This depends on the age and condition of the machine. Plus, you’ll need to upgrade the controller and it may not be worth the time, effort and expense. However, if your resources are limited, it can be cheaper than buying new equipment.

Option Two – Replacement

Brand new state of the art multi axes machinery is easy to set up and use. You’ll enjoy some of the latest features for horizontal machining center work and you can greatly extend your shop capabilities and services. In addition, you’ll save a lot of time over the old methods. However, there is one possible drawback. The price could simply be beyond your budget.

Option Three – Outsource

Outsourcing fabrication work is becoming more popular, especially with smaller machine shops. Once you find a shop with the capacity to perform a wide range of CNC machining and fabrication services, you can greatly expand your services too. The best shops are there to serve your needs and can handle the smallest and largest of projects, including custom fabrication and prototype services.

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