Sedation Dentistry Tips From The Experts

by | Dec 15, 2016 | Dentist

The job of a sedation dentist is relatively new concept in many people’s minds. Most people are often left wondering just what we do. Many patients suffer from a dental phobia, low pain tolerance or simply want their sessions to go a little bit faster. The job of the sedation dentist is to make sure this happens. When you include a sedation dentist in your dentistry processes, here are some important things to think about.


Sedation that minimizes pain and has the dentistry process somewhat bearable will likely have the patient unable to talk during the procedure. Most sedation dentists will likely have years of experience, but it pays to talk to them and consult such that the sedation goes just right. This is the only way one will get the dosage of local anesthetic just right for the pain and anxiety.

Bring a friend

Many patients suffer from dental anxiety, so this is not something one should be ashamed of. If you still feel anxious and panic, it could be that you have not found the right dentist or clinic where you feel comfortable. One of the surest ways to prevent or reduce this is to bring along a trusted family member to get a little support and reassurance.


You might not believe this, but according to some of the most accomplished Sedation Dentistry Charleston SC, a lot of the dental anxiety is built up in the waiting rooms and the period between the checkups and the actual procedures. To avoid this, use psychology to your advantage. Find something to occupy your mind with, like a book or crossword puzzle.


A good sedation dentist will have you relaxed and free of pain during the dental procedure. You must, however, think further than the process to just how easy it will be to get back home. The treatments and drugs they administer sometimes leave patients too relaxed to drive safely after a dental procedure. Bring along a trusted chauffer to help you get back home.
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