Should Engagement Rings in Worcester, MA Be Purchased Before or After Popping the Question?

by | Jan 12, 2017 | Jewelry

Few events in life are more exciting or more terrifying than the prospect of asking another person to enter into the covenant of marriage. Once the decision is made to pop the question, there’s still the matter of what to do about the ring. Some people prefer to put off looking at Engagement Rings in Worcester MA until an affirmative answer is received. Others want to have the ring in hand when the question is asked. Before making a decision, it pays to consider the advantages offered by each approach.

Points in Favor of Purchasing the Ring Ahead of Time

There’s a great deal of tradition surrounding the presentation of Engagement Rings in Worcester MA at the time those proposals are extended. In fact, many people dream of the day that the object of their affection will bow on one knee, reach into a pocket, and open a small box to reveal the ring. There is no doubt that those who have wanted to experience this type of event will love the fact their intended was so sure of the desire to ask for marriage that the individual went ahead with the purchase.

Those who happen to be of a playful nature will find that purchasing the ring in advance provides opportunities for the ring to be discovered in the most unusual ways. For example, the box can be left open and placed on a coffee table, so it’s the first thing that the beloved sees upon waking from a nap. The possibilities for suddenly finding a ring and receiving a proposal are endless for those with active imaginations.

Reasons to Wait

There are a couple of practical reasons to ask the question first and buy the ring later. One has to do with avoiding the embarrassment of returning the ring if the answer is no. Few people want to return to a jewelry store and admit that things didn’t work out. By getting an answer first, this type of situation never arises.

Shopping for a ring together is also one way to get used to making joint decisions. This is important since working together on financial matters will be part of married life.

Whatever the timing, Cormier Jewelers has what the couple wants. Visit today and take a look at the rings in stock. It won’t take long to find one that’s just right.

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