Industrial Refrigeration and Ammonia Safety

For many large scale operations today, it is far more efficient to use ammonia systems for cooling and freezing. In fact, you can greatly increase your efficiency this way. However, it is very important to maintain worker safety at all times because ammonia can be hazardous. Here are some important safety tips that many industrial refrigeration services recommend, to keep everyone in your facility safe.

The Dangers of Ammonia

Ammonia is toxic and can burn the lungs, skin and eyes. In fact, if you are briefly exposed you could receive major burns, which in some cases can be fatal. Ammonia is commonly used in very large commercial and industrial cooling systems. This means, you could have a huge amount of ammonia in your system. Should any leaks develop, serious safety hazards could result. Plus, vapor compression requires a great deal of pressure to pump refrigerant and this can cause a large amount of ammonia to leak out if a pipe is compromised, creating instant health risks. This is why workers for industrial refrigeration services take special precautions.

Leak Prevention

It is extremely important to label all refrigerant carrying pipes properly. First, you should conduct a process hazards review and analysis. This should include all areas where ammonia leaks may develop and the proper prevention steps. For example, if lift trucks routinely pass under pipes, you might want to install a brightly colored guard made from steel. Your hazards analysis should include:

* Hazards identification

* Examine previous incidents which may have caused leaks

* Outline possible control measures

* Identify potential consequences of design flaws

* Determine all possible employee health risks

* Increasing Safety Awareness

Industrial refrigeration services can be a good source to turn to for safety. They can conduct an audit and help you spot potential trouble before it develops.

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