Shelter a Business From the Elements Using a Commercial Roofing Service in Canton, MI

The most important function of the roof is to protect the building from the elements. However, there are other things the roof must handle. For instance, most roofs on commercial buildings house the condenser portion of the comfort system. These are very large containers and weigh quite a lot. A weak spot in the roofing could cause expensive problems by letting moisture pass through the protective membrane. A commercial roofing service in Canton, MI can help by inspecting the roofing for signs of stress or other damages and fix any problem that arises.

There are several methods for protecting a commercial roof and various types of roofing structures including the pitched roof and the low-sloped roof. Pitched roofs generally use asphalt shingles, steel panels, or formed steel sheets to keep out the elements. Also, commercial buildings that use a pitched roof may only use that style for a portion of the structure. Steeply pitched roofs are often used as a decorative feature and conceal a low-sloped roof behind the facade. This is one reason that steel is the preferred covering for this portion of the building. Steel has a service life of many decades and requires little maintenance.

The low-sloped roof has several choices as well, although the BUR (built-up roofing) option is the most common. BUR uses multiple layers of roofing membrane and asphalt over a flat decking. Decking materials vary with the construction methods but engineered woods such as OSB (oriented strand board) and plywood are popular choices. Once all the layers are in place, the commercial roofing service in Canton, MI will cover the surface with an aggregate like pea gravel or crushed stone. This provides the roof with ballast and makes it easier for people to walk on it.

Alternatives to BUR include TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) and EPDM (ethylene propylene diene terpolymer). TPO is a strong, translucent polymer that works best when applied in long strips because it makes the welded seams more reliable. Areas around any roofing details will still need to be sealed by hand. TPO is a great option for really large buildings because the material is easy to install and simple to patch. EPDM is a synthetic rubber membrane that works well in specific cases. Learn more about commercial roofing from the professionals at New Roof Inc.

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