5 Types of Abuse Handled by a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Cincinnati OH

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For most, the concept of domestic violence invokes visions of bruises, physical assault, and other evidence of abusive conduct. However, abuse can take multiple forms, of which battery is only one. As a Domestic Violence Lawyer in Cincinnati OH may explain, it is important for victims and perpetrators to understand the differences between the different types of abuse, as listed in the sections below.

Physical Abuse

Even if a physical attack doesn’t result in the need for medical attention, it still qualifies as domestic abuse. While an abused victim’s physical injuries may seem minor to onlookers, all types of violent conduct can be regarded as domestic violence, even slapping, hair-pulling or forcing a person to do drugs.

Emotional Abuse

When verbal conduct and hurtful words damages a person’s self-worth, it is defined as emotional abuse. Although emotional abuse alone is typically not enough to prosecute someone for domestic violence in most areas of the country, it can be cited in combination with the other types of domestic abuse included on this list.

Sexual Assault

This is another shockingly common type of domestic violence. It’s far-ranging and can cover the spectrum from undesirable touching and degrading activities to rape. In the past, an abuse victim who is married could not press charges for marital rape, but times have changed.

Financial Abuse

While the signs are not as evident as those of physical abuse, financial domestic abuse can render a person completely dependent on the abuser. When the abusive spouse controls the money in the relationship, they control the abused person and make it harder for them to leave.

Psychological Abuse

This is an all-encompassing term for threatening, coercive and intimidating behavior, such as making threats, taking someone’s phone or keeping them from leaving the home.

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