Services Offered With Fiber Optic Cable Installation In Ohio

Fiber optic cable is the quality standard for providing quality signal strength and high speed and performance of data transmission over long distances. Unlike standard wire types of cable, the fiber optic option doesn’t lose signal strength over distance and also allows for a much higher bandwidth range.

Planning and Prep Work

However, along with all the benefits of this option in cable comes increasing demands for precision in fiber optic cable installation. These systems will require additional planning and design prior to installation to limit the number of splices in the cable. Although the signal can travel much farther and faster than with standard wire cable, there are limitations to the system that need to be considered as part of the network design.

In Ohio, as well as across the United States, companies with expertise in fiber optic cable installation typically provide additional services as well. These additional services will ensure the fiber optic system is tested and operating at peak efficiency after the project is completed.

Services to Consider

Along with fiber optic cable installation and the pre-installation prep for the project, the top providers will be able to perform a range of additional services. These include using the latest in methods for fiber optic splicing. This is much more complex than standard cable splicing and needs to be done by experienced professionals to avoid signal loss problems throughout the network.

Additionally, there are several types of testing that are common with the installation process. Polarization mode dispersion testing will determine areas where there are faults or defects in the cable that are resulting in a signal loss. Optical return loss, OTDR (Optical Time Domain Reflectometer) testing as well as testing for chromatic dispersion can all be essential in identifying potential sources of signal problems along the network.

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