Keep Your BMW Shining with the Best Maintenance

by | Jul 14, 2017 | Auto Service

You love your BMW, and you don’t ever want to have another car. You only want the best care for your precious car. You know that BMWs need specific care, parts, and maintenance. You also know that those services can be pricy from the dealer. Finding a third-party maintenance service could save you hundreds of dollars, but how do you find a good one? Here are some tips to find BMW repair in Chicago or your city.

Ask Around

You must know some other BMW enthusiasts, so ask them where they take their cars for maintenance. If you don’t know any other people in your current life who own BMWs, try looking online for BMW message boards. There are plenty of enthusiasts out there, so you can find some who have some good advice.


Look at the websites of maintenance services you know in your area. Maybe some of them service BMWs, and you never knew it before. Ask them about the training they put their technicians through before they’re allowed to touch your car. You want to be sure only properly trained professionals are handling your BMW.


When you find a service you think you might like, ask them for references. References are any past customers with BMWs they have serviced. Ask for references that have had a variety of services. It’s important then to follow up and contact the references. Ask them if they were satisfied with the service they received, and how their car is holding up since the service. You want to choose a garage whose work lasts so you’re not in there every week.

Your BMW is an investment, and so it should be precious to you. When you spend so much money to get something, you want to take care of it. Finding the right place to service your vehicle can be a challenge. Once you get it, you have years of smooth sailing to enjoy with your BMW.

If you’re looking for BMW repair in Chicago, contact Chicago Motors Auto Service.

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