Services of a Good Veterinary in Oahu

Where can you get quality veterinary care for your pet in Hawaii?  The Honolulu Pet Clinic offers health services for your animal from his first days as a puppy or kitten through adulthood and into his golden years as a senior dog or cat. The American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA) serves veterinary care providers throughout the US and Canada. It is the only organization that regularly accredits North American veterinary practices. Only the most stringent quality standards are used for accreditation which encompasses all areas of pet care. The Honolulu Clinic has the coveted AAHA-accredited designation which means that it operates at very high standards. The Honolulu Clinic is just 1 of 6 AAHA accredited Veterinary in Oahu!

A full service Veterinary in Oahu should be able to meet all the surgical, medical, and dental needs of your pet. Surgical services include spaying and/or neutering your pet. Vets recommend that a pet should be spayed at age 6 months or before the first heat cycle. Female pets that are not spayed may be stressed out by high hormone levels. Plus the risk of health conditions such as uterine infections, breast tumors, and ovarian cysts is increased. Spaying means fewer health issues and a longer life. Your male cat or dog ought to be neutered around age 6 months. Neutered animals exhibit a more relaxed behavior as well as fewer hormones. Neutering lowers the risk of tumors, hernias, and prostate issues. For cats, urinary spraying is usually avoided after neutering. The risk of testicular cancer and prostate problems are also greatly reduced.

Heartworm in Hawaii is a main concern for your pet since mosquitoes are widespread on the islands. Your dog ought to have a heartworm screening at least yearly, and the pet should be on a heartworm prevention program. If you have a pet that is already infected with heartworm, there are treatments available. The type of treatment used depends on the animal’s weight, age, and lifestyle. Other services include dental cleaning, x-rays, and dental surgery. Electrocardiogram services are also offered, and if needed, referrals to cardiologists. You can also count on emergency services and much more.

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