Senior Portrait Tips From Images by Daniel Michael

It happens only once. Graduating from high school is an amazing experience and that is why people document the upcoming event with special portrait sessions. Posing for senior pictures lets people capture the time in their life when they leave childhood behind to become adults. A great photographer will do everything they can to make their client look their best. Seniors have the ability to improve the results even more.

Choose Clothing Carefully

Any clothing worn in the portraits should be comfortable, clean and wrinkle-free. Aside from those suggestions, everyone should choose clothes that fit perfectly and make them feel good. Bringing a selection of colors, patterns and styles are recommended if the client is not certain what looks best on them.

Avoid Big Changes

It is never a good idea to try a radically new hairstyle or hair color the day before a portrait session. Consider making any changes about a week before the appointment. This gives the wearer time to become comfortable with their look or to repair anything they do not like. Tanning the morning of the portraits is not recommended either. If overdone, the skin could look red or too dark. Do all tanning, artificial or in the sun, a few days earlier.

Feel More Confidant

People should never let a small blemish or shyness prevent them from enjoying their moment as a model. Studios like Images by Daniel Michael have the ability to perform digital editing that can remove or reduce the appearance of most blemishes. Relaxed subjects always photograph better and have final images that flatter their appearance.

Schedule Sessions Accordingly

Senior portraits take time and patience to produce. It does not share any similarities with the many school photo sessions students experience throughout their school years. The photographer will take dozens of shots in a variety of photos, expect several wardrobe changes and often include props or choose unique locations for interesting backgrounds. It is important to plan on having at least a couple of hours free for the appointment.

Images by Business name is a studio that believes in capturing the true spirit of each of their models. This is why the sessions are relaxed, often held outside and include props and clothing that relate to the student’s specific interests. Click Here to see examples of previous work and to learn more about the studio, their scheduling and their prices.

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